I am facing a problem with Health Job created on driver set (in imanager
2.7.3). Firstly, I created Health Configuration on a Loopback driver (V
3.6), say if the driver state is running then restart. And created a
Health Job on the driver set and scheduled. Health job is being executed
at the scheduled time, but the Health configuration is not being
performed and driver restart is not happening.

Gave scope as the driverset in the scope parameter of Health Job. I
have enabled trace (level 3 and checked with level 5 also) for Health
job and tried checking in the traces and found one statement 'Begining
execution' and after that there are no traces. Below is the trace(where
loopback-restart is the Health Job name)

[07/24/12 09:46:00.003]:loopback-restart JT:Worker thread for job
'\COLEXT-DEV\services\IDM\DRVSET-EXT-DEV\loopback-restart' starting.
[07/24/12 09:46:00.007]:loopback-restart JT:: Check Driver Health Job,
[07/24/12 09:46:00.011]:loopback-restart JT:: Beginning execution...

[07/24/12 09:53:00.003]:healthjob JT:Worker thread for job
'\COLEXT-DEV\services\IDM\DRVSET-EXT-DEV\loopback-restart' starting.
[07/24/12 09:53:00.004]:healthjob JT:: Check Driver Health Job, version
[07/24/12 09:53:00.005]:healthjob JT:: Checking configuration...
[07/24/12 09:53:00.008]:healthjob JT:: Beginning execution...

Will the driver restart information be present in the traces?

Am I missing any thing else? Why the health configuration is not being

Thanks in Advance.

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