Hi All,

Trying to get a NAM POC up running on Amazon Web Services using the
SLES 11 64bit AMI.

I have the IDP and admin consoles running on one machine (which seems
to be working fine) and another machine running the AGW service.

The AGW install process goes fine and imports into the console.

The problem is that whenever the novell-apache2 process starts its
immediately aborted. No useful messages in the apache log files. I have
set the httpd.conf LogLevel to debug, again no indication as to whats
happening in the log.

I can see the following message in /var/log/messages

Aug 7 02:29:51 agw2 kernel: [61138.966274] httpd[2785] general
protection ip:7fa5d82aa958 sp:7fff8c0432c0 error:0 in

Looks like there might be an issue with the AWS AMI. Maybe its a custom

I have also turned off the filewall and SELinux as I though they might
be killing it. Also tried changing the ports from 80/443 to 8080/8443
just in case.

Anyone got this going or seen a similar issue?

Also, running the MAG on ec2 fails to import into the admin console.
Just creates a tmp esp/agw in the tree.

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