I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why Designer was giving
me a validation error in a PRD only to discover that it was apparently
caused by the word "flowdata" appearing in the first line of a mapping
activity, despite being a comment.

The error was "Process id [WorkflowDN], version [2]: Dataitem [MAP1]
source expression
here does not support expressions of type: flowdata.foo"

Here's the mapping activity code for MAP1:

// Extract the roles (if any) in the IADone flowdata and then create a Java Array List so that we access them later
var strData = (flowdata.get('CheckIA/IADone')).toString();
var jalIARoles = new Packages.java.util.ArrayList();

Packages.java.lang.System.out.println("Initial Access Roles:");
if (strData != null && strData.length > 0 ) {
var arrIARoles = strData.split('|');
for (var i=0; i<arrIARoles.length; i++) {
strRole = arrIARoles[i];
if ((strRole != 'true') && (strRole != 'false')) {
Packages.java.lang.System.out.println('['+i+'] '+strRole);

After trying -*everything *-else, on a whim I changed the word "flowdata" in the comment at the top to "flow data" and it stopped giving me the validation error. I even trimmed the comment down to simply "//flowdata" and is still gave the error.

Can anyone think of why in the world it might do that? I added a "//flowdata" comment a few other mapping activities and some caused it to fail validation and others did not. I'm at a loss...

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