Hey guys,

So 2 years has gone by since we put a lot of our kit in, and a lot of
certs have needed replacing lately. On one of our 2 main directory
servers, I have repaired the default certificate through iManager,
namconfig -k and rebooted. The server looks fine, no errors in
/var/log/messages. However if I do an ndsrepair -E every server it
replicates with is showing it hasn't replicated since I repaired the
cert (about 6 hours ago). I've had to repair a bunch of these lately,
but this is the first one thats had problems replicating after the
Unfortunately our support with Novell is 12x5, so I can't log a SR with
them at the moment. This server is set as the main logon server for all
of our head office. I can still authenticate via it, but it has got me a
bit worried.
I'm not entirely sure how the replication process works, but i'm
guessing there is some ndsrepair command I need to run.

I'm hoping someone is awake at this ungodly hour who might have an idea
of what I need to do.

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