For a bit over the last year we have been successfully running UserApp
3.7 handling both User and workflow management, We have noticed in about
the last 6 month a steady increase in the number of times that the JVM
heaps maxes out, and then subsequential crashes User Application.
Currently this occurs several times in a week. Given that User
Application 4 is out (bundled with IDM 4) the defauult responce will be
upgrade to the lastest version to solve the problem. In good time we
will get to this , however before going down this line I would be
interested to understand what out of the JDK / JBOSS / UserApp stack is
causing the memory leak and fulling up the JVM.

Note: I have already bumped up the perm size and both ends of the JVM
heap size so that it has a JVM of around 2GB

Ideally a suggestion around what tooling I can use to first detect this
leak would be great. Are there any sorts of known problem with this
application stack??

enviroment is Solaris 9 java JDK 1.6 and JBOSS 5.0.1.GA along with
UserApp 3.7

Any suggestions on next moves would be great

Many Thanks


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