Hi All,

I have the following issue with DSBK on linux SUSE 11.1 / eDirectory

I get the error -626 without any further messages on what the error

Here are the steps that we take:

We have enable rfl logging
We do the full backup dsbk backup: dsbk backup -f
/export/home/backups/fb0801.bak -l /export/home/backups/log/fb0801.log
-e novell -t -b

Build a new fake tree (shutdown the working one)
Restore nici: dsbk restore -f /export/home/backups/fb_cmd0801.bak -l
/export/home/backups/log/fb0801.log -e Novell
Restart ndsd
Restore the full backup: dsbk restore -f
/export/home/backups/fb_cmd0801.bak -l
/export/home/backups/log/fb0801.log -d /export/home/backups/nds.rfl/ -r

I then get the following error in the nds.log file:
Command line restore -f /export/home/backups/fb_cmd0801.bak -l
/export/home/backups/log/fb0801.log -d /export/h
ome/backups/nds.rfl/ -r -a
Processing command line
Log file name: /export/home/backups/log/fb0801.log
Restore started: 2012-8-1'T16:24:27
Restore file name: /export/home/backups/fb_cmd0801.bak
Starting database restore...
Restoring file /export/home/backups/fb_cmd0801.bak
Error!: -626
Warning! Roll forward logs have been turned off and reset to the
default location
Database restore finished
Completion time 00:00:06
1 Error!
DSBK error! -626

Any help would be appreciated on what this error is.



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