on NW 6.5 Sp8 servers with eDir v8.7.3.10 smp.

I've created a new slpda to replace one that is to be decommisioned.
I've configured a few other servers to use this new server, entering the
details in the slp.cfg and resetting slp, but I get confusing and
contradictory results. On the old slpda server (this may be a
coincidence?) I when I run 'display slpda' I get the result:

new server : v2 : ACTIVE : SLP-SCOPE : STATIC : 8 : 0ms

However, on some of the other servers I get the resulting output:

new server : v? : INACTIVE : 'UNKNOWN SCOPE' : STATIC : 0 : 0ms

Could anyone tell me why one server seems to be happy to communicate
fully with the new slpda, whereas others seem to be unable to understand
it? (If that's not a strange interpretation of the results!).

Many thanks

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