I installed Edirectory with following credentials:

IP address: 10.0.x.xx(witsxxx.companyname.com)

Tree : SXXXX

New Tree Context: WIxxxK01-NDS.OU=STATE.O=ORG

ADMIN Context is: ou=STATE,o=ORG

admin : admin

password: admin

To Bind, I used the following credentials.

string ldapHost = "10.0.x.xxx";
int ldapPort = 389;
String loginDN = "cn=admin,cn=WITxxxx-NDS,OU=STATE,o=ORG";
String password = string.Empty;

During Bind or search, it is not taking the password 'admin' which I
earlier given during the installation. Password is not required,it will
bind and LdapSearch when password=string.Empty.

Because of this password problem(we are hoping like that), the edit/add
is not working. We can't add new entry, since edirectory is not properly

For 'add' a new entry to Edirectroy, I used the sample code from Novel
api like the following, but it is not binding or adding new entry.

String containerName = "OU=STATE,o=ORG";
String adminPwd = "admin";

LdapAttributeSet attributeSet = new LdapAttributeSet();
attributeSet.Add(new LdapAttribute(
"objectclass", "User"));
attributeSet.Add(new LdapAttribute("cn",
new string[] { "James"}));
attributeSet.Add(new LdapAttribute("givenname",
attributeSet.Add(new LdapAttribute("sn", "Smith"));

attributeSet.Add(new LdapAttribute("userpassword",
string dn = "cn=JamesSmith,cn=WIxxxK01-NDS," +
containerName;- ==> is this correct? -
LdapEntry newEntry = new LdapEntry( dn, attributeSet );
Novell.Directory.Ldap.LdapConnection conn = new
Console.WriteLine("Connecting to:" + ldapHost);
Console.WriteLine("Connected to:" + ldapHost);
conn.Bind(loginDN, adminPwd)-;==>>>here exception is
happening, if there is an admin password is submitted. No admin password
is accepted during binding .If there is no password(string.Empty), it
will bind correctly at this position, but the following 'Add' will
throw an exception.-

conn.Add( newEntry );-==>this throws an exception if password is
not given( password=string.Empty).-
Console.WriteLine("Entry:" + dn + " Added Successfully");
catch (Novell.Directory.Ldap.LdapException e)
Console.WriteLine("Error:" + e.ToString());

Could you please help me to solve this problem? I appreciate your
valuable time.

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