I will answer as best I can:

The link that was provided earlier in this thread is not available
anymore; there is no Forge 2.5 download page. Forge 3.0 and Forge 3.1
don't have publicly available rebuild downloads. The only way to get a
rebuild kit if you don't already have one is to open a Service Request
and work with support. If it is deemed necessary to rebuild (and from
what I'm understanding, it probably will be pretty quick to determine
that in your case), a rebuild kit will be shipped out.

Thus, you require a valid support entitlement. When was the last time
you contacted support? If this a serious issue, that should have been
plain in the message you sent support@platespin.com. Worse come to
worst, a one-time coupon can be provided to get an SR open and get this
issue dealt with.

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