were running an update-script (powershell / windows 2008 r2) on a
domaincontroller where securelogin is installed. slaptool is used to
update application definitions, which are downloaded via ftp (if new
ones are available). the script is executed by schedule (not windows
tasks, its a piece of software using the system account).

manually starting the script is working, as well as when the script is
started by the scheduling software, but only as long as im logged on
with an admin-user to the server (remotely).
if nobody is logged on to the server slaptool throws an error
(returncode 5) if executed by the scheduling software.

i dumped running services as well as environment-variables in both
states but found no difference between logged on and logged off states
(only winhhtp autoproxy support is only running when logged off). has

- an idea what might be the issue here?
- a list of return-codes from slaptool and what they mean?

sl-version: 7.0.2 hf7

thanks in advance, florian

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