Hi folks, how are you doing today?

We are planning to upgrade our SAP User Management drivers from 3.6.1
to newer 4.0.1 versions. Our current IDM engine is already running on
4.0.1 version, but the SAP drivers aren't still running the newer

My question here is about the remote loader of those drivers. I have
around 7 SAP User drivers running today, with different systems and
modules. All of them using remote loader and without publisher enabled.

To update those drivers to newer version of XML driver template and the
binaries of remote loader together, I would like to know if I can
proceed with the remote loader update without change anything on SAP
drivers, and later on (in another moment and timeline) I would deploy a
new version of the SAP drivers based on newer package or XML templates.
Can I do that, or I have to update both remote loader and driver file to
newer version?

Thank you all, in advance!

Kindly regards,

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