Dont laugh. We have been on IDM 2.02 since its release. We use it to
primarily synch data with Windows 2003 AD as well as GroupWise
passwords. Its served us just fine hence why fix it if its not broke.
Now we are looking to move to GroupWise 2012 and eventually a 2008R2 AD.
Now I know there is no upgrade nor migration path off IDM 2.02 so my
question is this? What version should I install fresh to my
environment? I ahv mixture of OES2 and OES 11 boxes, eDir 8.7 and 8.8
and a couple leagacy Netware boxes soon to be replaced with OES 11
boxes. Given we still only need to synch data and passwords, is ID 4.02
overkill? Thoughts (and prayers) are appreciated.

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