Hi guys!

In my project, I have to connect SAP R/3 system to Identity Vault. I
have already install SAP User Management driver with basic
configuration. But I have some trouble with his customization, because
of my poor knowledge in SAP.

In basic configuration, UM driver already has a pre-configured Filter
and Mapping policy. But how can I customize set of synchronizable
classes/attributes? For example:

- How can I get a complete list of User («US») class attributes in
- How can I get a complete list of classes in SAP (like «AG» —
Activity Group)?
- How can I extend User object with additional attributes in SAP?
- Can I distribute (throught ALE/CUE mechanism) objects other then
User/UserCompany? Profiles or Role, for example. There is only one way
(BAPI query) described for synchronization «Activity Groups» in
documentation to UM driver. But this on-demand method is unsuitable
for my project.

Thanks in advance,

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