Is there a way to automate exporting the configuration from ESM or
pulling similar data from the database? We're working on creating
configuration reviews to our database-connected data source (Oracle via
JDBC). We would like to be able to automate a process in which the
server/instance information is pulled from either ESM or the database
and provided to the system owners to verify that current connections are
valid. So far I haven't been able to find anything in the database that
represents this data easily.

I have been able to find the EVT_SRC_RPT_V view which seems to hold
some of this config data in a binary format in the EVT_SRC_CONFIG field
but am not sure how I could pull this out.

Another approach could be to automate exporting the configuration from
ESM then parse the XML file that gets created but I'm not sure how this
can be automated.


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