I'm looking for some advice on how best to move forward. We've acquired
a copmpany that is fully AD and we need to migrate the existing users,
100+, to edirectory but because of some legacy software I'll need to
keep the AD enviroment around. I was hoping to use IDM 3.6 BE to do this
as I don't need integration into anything else but eDir and AD but I've
run into something I've never seen before. When this AD enviroment was
set up they decided to not put users in the cn=users,dc.=cname,dc=domain
container but they spread the users out over 12 different OU's and sub
OU's. So I see some users in cn=team1,cn=OPS,dc=cname,dc=domain and
others in cn=Maint,dc=cname,dc=domain.
I'd prefer to have all the users in the same OU in eDirectory without
all the sub OU's but what I'm wondering is can I just use the
dc=cname,dc=domain as the starting point for the AD DRiver to search
below the to find users or do I have to create a driver for each AD OU?

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