I have written a LDAP Base Driver on my Identity Vault for migrating
users from Sun(Java System Directory Server ver 5.2) to Novell.
Document followed is : Novell Identity Manager 4.0.1 Driver for LDAP
Implementation Guide PDF

This document mentions that
> When a driver is created, it is stopped by default. To make the driver
> work, you must start the driver and cause events to occur. Identity
> Manager is an event-driven system, so after the driver is started, it
> won’t do anything until an event occurs.

Now I tried to create a new user/modify an existing user in Sun LDAP.
After such change only these users were migrated in Novell.
But my requirement is to migrate all the users. How to achieve this?
What kind of an event can cause the driver to migrate all the users
present in Sun LDAP.
I have configured "LDAP Search" as the publication method.


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