Hi Board.

I face the following challenge:

On a workorder object I retrieves a string which is actually a XML
document where "<" is replaced by "&lt;".
In my form I converts this to a DOM object (I am aware that there are
differences in how the various browsers implement nodesets, and I have
coded that into account. But it does not really mather, because all
users are using the same browser because they are using a coorporate
standard hardware setup, with a cooporate standard image on top), and
addresses and retracts the needed information (in fact I only needs a
value from one single node in the form).

When - however - It comes to flowdata, I needs to add a node to a
parent node.

I needs to do the following:

- Convert the string to XML object/nodeset
- Add a child node to a specific node
- Convert the intire nodeset back to a string and replace "<" with
"&lt;" again.

In flowdata I have the opportunity to use JAVA which I think is more
robust when it comes to working with XML.

So the first part of converting to a nodeset I solved this way:

function String2XML(xmlStr)
var nodeSet = new Packages.com.novell.xml.xpath.NodeSet();
var factory = new Packages.com.novell.xml.parser.XMLParserFactory.ne wParser();
var stringreader = Packages.java.io.StringReader;

var strinput = new stringreader(xmlStr);
var doc = factory.parse(strinput);
return nodeSet;

This is the string which I needs to convert:

&lt;data>&lt;startdate>2012-08-15T00:00:00.000+02:00&lt;/startdate>&lt;enddate>2012-10-27T00:00:00.000+02:00&lt;/enddate>&lt;udlaaner>24122&lt;/udlaaner>&lt;modtager>24222&lt;/modtager>&lt;initiator>cn=ADMKEVRAS,ou=SA,o=Data&l t;/initiator>&lt;desc>&lt;value>test 11&lt;/value>&lt;/desc>&lt;A1>cn=Souschef,ou=Fakta,ou=Stillinger,ou= Groups,o=Data&lt;/A1>&lt;/data>

When I replaces the "&lt;" with "<", it looks like this:

<value>test 11</value>
<A1>cn=Souschef,ou=Fakta,ou=Stillinger,ou=Groups,o =Data</A1>

So this:

var XMLStr = '&lt;data>&lt;startdate>2012-08-15T00:00:00.000+02:00&lt;/startdate>&lt;enddate>2012-10-27T00:00:00.000+02:00&lt;/enddate>&lt;udlaaner>24122&lt;/udlaaner>&lt;modtager>24222&lt;/modtager>&lt;initiator>cn=ADMKEVRAS,ou=SA,o=Data&l t;/initiator>&lt;desc>&lt;value>test 11&lt;/value>&lt;/desc>&lt;A1>cn=Souschef,ou=Fakta,ou=Stillinger,ou= Groups,o=Data&lt;/A1>&lt;/data>';

var NodeSet = String2XML(XMLStr);

Gives me the nodeset.

So now I needs to add a *<value />* more to the *<desc />* node, and
then convert the intire nodeset back to a string and replace "<" with

My JAVA skills comes to short here and I thinks to have read somewhere
that I can take advantage of the built-in Novell Libraries for
ECMAScript for working with XML documents instead.
Can anyone help me here?
Please have in mind that this is till in flowdata.


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