I'm using IDM 4.0.1 with SAP HR driver version 3.6.3. I'm trying to
create users from SAP to the Vault (only users), that works perfect, the
problem is that I have different iDocs with different information about
objects (the first one has information about object S, the second one
has information about the relationship between this object S and an
object P, the third one has information about the object P). The
question is: how do I manage to query for information that is declare in
the first iDoc, when processing the third one? This is for ex: I have
the Position definition "Project Manager" with ID 50000207 in the first
iDoc and the User "Pepe Hongo" with ID 00000712 in the third iDoc, who
has that Position (50000207), but i need to map the title attribute of
the user with the name of the Position. Is this possible? or I can only
query back to the current iDoc I'm proccesing?
Thank you!


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