I'm synchronizing my users from Sun One LDAP to Novell eDir using LDAP
Driver Publisher Channel.
One of my requirements is to copy the value of UID from Sun to uniqueID
and CN attributes of Novell. Now through schema mapping policy, I can
assign UID to only one of the Novell attributes, I chose uniqueID.
Now to assign same value to CN, I wrote a rule in Pub Command
Transformation policy which copies uniqueID of novell to CN of novell:
> <rule>
> <description>Set CN on basis of UID</description>
> <comment xml:space="preserve">Set CN on basis of UID</comment>
> <conditions>
> <and>
> <if-dest-attr name="uniqueID" op="available"/>
> </and>
> </conditions>
> <actions>
> <do-set-dest-attr-value name="CN">
> <arg-value type="string">
> <token-dest-attr name="uniqueID"/>
> </arg-value>
> </do-add-dest-attr-value>
> </actions>
> </rule>

But this doesn't work. It fails giving error
> Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException:

CN and uniqueID are both naming attributes of class Person. Is it not
possible to do the above?

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