Hi folks,

I'm not sure if I should've addressed this to SLES-forums instead, but
let's try here first.

In SLM 1.2 appliance there is a problem taking backup using crontab.
The actual backup_util.sh runs ok, but when trying to encrypt the backup
using openssl there is some issue. The output is only 64kB large.
It's possible to "su novell -" and manually run the script
($HOME/bkup_d.sh) and get the desired output. When ran from "novell"
crontab it doesn't work.
Here's the ugly (double tar) encryption method and the link where I got
it from:

tar cvzf - logm-$UTCDATEDASH-e.tar.gz |openssl des3 -kfile $CKEY | dd
of=/srv/copy/bkup/logm-$UTCDATEDASH-e-cip.tar.gz >> $BKUPLOG

My colleague told me there has been some crontab issues with other
NetIQ appliance products as well (at least NAM Access GW). Maybe somehow

Any ideas how to workaround this or where to look for solution?


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