geoffc;2143827 Wrote:
> > Support... true, but Designer can (and does) do this, specifically
> > during the Integrated Installer's deployment of everything. I do

> not
> > think that option has been exposed but it'd be a little neat, though

> why
> > you'd do this from Designer when you could open up the full Designer

> app
> > and deploy is not something I completely understand outside of the
> > Integrated Installer.

> Since it is scripted, ought the command be visible somehow in the II
> scripts? Have to go digging, since this is an interesting feature to
> have!

This is from the ii_configure.log:

"/bin/ls" "/opt/novell/idm/Designer//"
exitValue = 0
"/bin/ls" "/opt/novell/idm/Designer//"
exitValue = 0
/bin/sh -c 'ulimit -n 4096; LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/media/IDM4.0.2_Lin/install/utilities" "/opt/novell/idm/Designer//Designer" -nosplash -nl en -application com.novell.idm.rcp.DesignerHeadless -command deployDriver -p "/opt/novell/idm/Designer//packages/eclipse/plugins" -a "" -w env:IA_IDVAULT_ADMIN_PASSWORD -s -c "driverset1.system" -b 12 -l "/var/opt/novell/idm/install/logs/rbpm_drivers_configure.log" '


Those 2 files can be found from install/propfiles/ from the DVD. I
haven't digged in more deeply, but I assume it reads
/opt/novell/idm/Designer/*.properties files and installs packages for

No idea how well it has been designed to work with other drivers & if
you can add passwords to *.properties files.

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