We have eDir 8.8.3 and now upgrading to 8.8.7 on new servers. While
running ndsconfig to add the new server to existing tree I get the below
warning message:

WARNING: Unable to check the duplicate server context
<SERVERNAME>.ou=services.dc=global.dc=company.dc=c om.<SERVERNAME>.

Below the command that I ran:

ndsconfig add -t <TREENAME> -p <IP Adress> -n
ou=services.dc=global.dc=company.dc=com -a
cn=admin.ou=services.dc=global.dc=company.dc=com -S <SERVER NAME> -L
2389 -l 2636 -O 11443 -o 1180 -D /data/edir/meta/dib --config-file

Enter the password for

After enetering the password above I get the following warning message

WARNING: Unable to check the duplicate server context <SERVER
NAME>.ou=services.dc=global.dc=company.dc=com.<SER VER NAME>.Please enter
the absolute path for the database files [ /data/edir/meta/dib/data/dib

I went ahead and completed the configuration. I checked and everything
is working fine. I want to know if I should ignore this warning and will
there be any issues going forward. Please help.

Thanks in advance for your time!!

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