I am using SAP Portal driver for user provisioning (adds, modifies and
password synchronization) to SAP GRC, not other events are needed.
In a modify password or also an add event, the password is always set
as expired at SAP GRC, so the users have to change their passwords
everytime the driver syncronize a new one from the eDir.
The base policy NOVLPORTB-otp-passwordChange tries to set a
sapnewpassword and sapoldpassword but it doesn't works, it always
requires a new password change.
Is there any way to bypass this setting with the driver?

I also would appreciate if anyone know if a newer version of the sap
portal driver is about to come, because for example the input stylesheet
NOVLPORTB-its-SPMLInputTransform only match the searchResponse nodes and
all the other ones are not even handle and sometimes the structure of
the SPML response are not similar and it makes it really difficult to
manage errors for notifications.

thanks in advanced

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