I have a partition (call it partition A) where I deleted the replica
from two servers. Those servers have root partitions so they ended up
getting subordinate references to partition A. Unfortunately it appears
that there were some uncleared obituaries on those two servers and now
those obits are stuck on all the servers in the replica ring.

I ran ndsrepair -R -Ad -XK3 on the two servers that had partition A and
they are clean, but the other 6 servers are still showing those obits
and the backlinks are pointing to the objects on the two servers that no
longer have them.

Is there a good way to clean this up? I tried running ndsrepair using
XK3 on the other 6 servers, but the stuck obits are still there.

This is a mixed edirectory tree. Of the 6 servers that still have
replicas of partition A, 1 is Netware 6.5 sp8, 4 are OES1 SP2 on SLES 9,
and one is OES2 on SLES 10.

Thanks for any assistance.


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