I'm doing some work with the scripting driver (PowerShell) and I'm
having problems determining which attributes to return for a query
operation. When specific attributes are requested (via <read-attr
attr-name="cn"/>) then the READ_ATTRS event value is populated with the
names of the requested attributes (as per the docs) and everything
works. However, when no attributes are requested (<read-attr/>) or all
attributes are requested (no read-attr elements present) then, according
to the docs, NO_READ_ATTRS and ALL_READ_ATTRS, respectively, should be
set. As far as I can tell these are not set, and dumping all 'current'
variables with idm_geteventvaluenames doesn't show them up either.
Without these being set I have no way to determine whether an empty
READ_ATTRS means no attributes have been requested or all attributes
have been requested. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Is this a known
bug? If so, any tips/suggestions for a workaround?

Currently running scripting driver version is 3.6.0 (as far as I can
tell, although it was only installed a couple of months ago so I'd have
thought it would be more recent). Engine is at I've tried
to find a ChangeLog for the scripting driver to see if this is something
which might have been fixed in a more recent update, but I couldn't find
anything obvious on Novell's site.


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