Hi I have tryied to configure the drivers for de Reporting, and I
configured the Data Collection Service Driver and Managed System Gateway
Driver (in remote):

Data Collection Service Driver

Connection param:
IP: (IP where I installed Reporting Module)
port: 8180 (is correct?)
protocol: http
user dn = CN=uaadmin,OU=users,O=bpba
password: pwd

Registration param:
Identity vault registartion param:
name: idvault
desc: idvault
ip: ip of vault

managed system gateway registration:

Register managed system gateway : yes
managed system gateway driver dn: CN=Managed System Gateway
Driver,CN=Driver Set,OU=system,O=bpba
managed system gateway driver config mode:remote
Keystore file: empty (is correct? What i have to enter?)
Keystore password: empty
user dn: CN=ADMIN,O=prueba

Driver param:
time interval between submitting events: 10
no.of events sent to be in batch : 100
max no.of batches in the file: 10
Data collection service driver: Ends HERE

Managed system gateway driver
Connection param:
addresses : (empty)
port: 7707 [is this correct??? o must be the same that Data Collection
protocol: http
session timeout interval : 30

Driver parameters:
prefereed connection protocol: LDAP
duration results is kept: 60
purge interval : 1

I dont see any error in the logs, but when i run a reports to display
password change, there are empty.
I have enable Audit Report in iManager.

Any ideas? Thanks for advance.

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