I’m working on a Dynamic Modify user screen where I show a list of
search criteria across the screen with radio buttons

[] All users [] PWD Expired [] Account Locked [] Intruder Locked
[] Never Logged in…

When you select a button a globalQuery populates a "pickList" field
showing the users that match the criteria:

IDVault.globalQuery("pickList", "GetUserFromOUwithIndruderLockout",

This pickList field is populated with the CN as a visible selection
(it’s really the full DN behind the scene which allows the pickList
selection of the user to perform a modify via “onclick” in the pickList:
load all attributes you wish to see or edit…)

My question is: Can the default visible CN in the pickList field be
changed to some other attributes such as fullName or CN – Title of the
User? (and still be a fullDN behind so the Modify still works!)

Thank you,


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