I'm using Novell IDM 3.6.1. I have an SAP-HR driver (version: 3.5.4)
which was already configured to read the IDOCs from a local directory in
the same server where IDM is running. The meta file used was HRMD_A07.
As per new requirement I've to push the CN back to SAP-HR and the
RemoteLoader is being used.
I can push the CN back to SAP-HR ONLY if the Meta file is of HRMD_A05
else some ' incorrect metadata file location ...Invalid Metadata type
error' type msg is coming and the driver is stopped. With v *_05 will
not do any IDOC parsing in the Publisher channel as all the IDOCs are of
I am guessing this is the Driver version problem.If I can use Driver
version 3.6.0 I think this will work fine with HRMD_A07 and both the
channels will work.
Do I need to upgrade or what SAP-HR driver I've to import, is it with
Jco3/Jco2 with 3.6.1 etc?Or do I need to upgrade?

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