I have 2 contracts with different authentication levels that I use to
protect various resources with the reverse proxy. I have it working for
the most part, but I'd like to be able to pass the username between
contracts if you've already authenticated to one. My scenario is:

Contract 1 - Secure User/Pass Form
Contract 2 - Radius (RSA Token)

Resource A/B/C - Contract 1
Resource X/Y/Z - Contract 2

If a user auths to Resources A/B/C and then tries to access X/Y/Z it
prompts them for the username & token. When a user accesses X/Y/Z and
authenticates with their username & token, they can access A/B/C without
any additional authentication. This is all working, however I'd like to
pass the username that they've already entered when they authenticated
to A/B/C and only prompt for the token when they attempt to access

Can anyone provide any suggestions or insight into how this might be

Thanks in advance!!


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