Hi all,

UA3.7 RBPM version patch E
ua root: o=corp

I want to create a workflow (launched from a service driver on specific
event) that takes a DN to a Role object, the value of the nrfAppovers
attribute from the role, fires off an approval form (where new approver
can be selected) and then update the nrfApprovers attribute to reflect
that there is a new approver set for the role.

I can fire it form the driver - no problems (except that the workflow
doesn't work :-) )

I can run it manually, pasting the DN to the role into the correct
field (type dn, string) on the request form (with oldApprover DN also
filled in).
Submit -> fires off the approval form, where I use DN display on the
two DN:s - OK. It goes to edir and grabs info from the objects and
displays it - so the DN:s are correct at this point.

After selecting a new user with DNpicker and "approve" the workflow
goes to an Entity, that will delete the nrfApprover value (oldApprovers
DN sent in)
and the EntityDN set to the roleDN that displays nice in the form.

Kaboom. I get error message like this:

15:34:28,682 ERROR [LogEvent] [Workflow_Error] Initiated by
cn=uaadmin,ou=res,o=corp, Error Message: Identifier [cn=ZZZ - dev.
testrole 2nd
line,cn=Level20,cn=RoleDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=AppCo nfig,cn=UserApplication
Office,cn=DriverSet,ou=res,o=corp] *does not exist for this service
operation*., Process ID: 759f1c07faa84c838b54384b24bab5f8, Process Name:
cn=UpdateRoleApproverDisEnrollment,cn=RequestDefs, cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication
Office,cn=DriverSet,ou=res,o=corp:135, Activity: Activity, Recipient:

in the UA jboss log.

I think it's really strange that it complains about the object not
beeing there...

Any thoughts? It would be nice to be able to change the role approver
from a form.


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