I have a customer who is has current maintenance, and they have a Novell
Customer Center account (www.novell.com/center) and their Novell/Suse
products show up. However, the Platespin Forge does not show up. Some

1. Should they see the Forge components in NCC? If so, I can get that
fixed through Novell. If not, then:

2. How can the customer obtain the media to upgrade the appliance?
Should they email support@platespin.com?

3. What is the current version of Forge? (I think 3.1?)

4. To protect an OES11 server which has NSS pools/volumes, is this
configuration supported yet? I ask because something similar has come up
in another recent thread. Under OES11, NSS pools rely on LVM container
mechanism, whereas under OES2 NSS pools relied on EVMS container

Thanks for any hints

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