I am using Novell IDM 4.0

I have an *External Application* which accesses the Novell IDM via a
*Web-Services SOAP interface*.

(Everything is done in this External Application; nothing whatsoever is
done within Novell's User Interface itself).

What I am trying to do is : create a simple workflow via which
user-info which is contained within the IDM Vault (such as name, email,
phone number, address, etc, etc) can be updated from this External
Application (via the SOAP interface, of course).

In other words : the new info is fed into this External Application;
also, the *location *of the user-object is also fed. The Workflow will
provision the new details to the correct/appropriate user.

All the default templates provided by Novell Designer seem to revolve
around one Approval process or another.

I do not require any approval/deny actions here. Just a simple
workflow to update user-info.


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