I have noticed that "Rules pre-processing" tasks start to fail with
"Aborted" status on regular basis with our data load amount increasing.
Looking into task's database log does not reveal any errors. However, I
have observed a correlation between failed 'pre-processing' tasks and
disk space being gobbled up by left over XML files used during that
activity. They are in the following locations (relative to yours, I


If these directories fill up, all subsequent collections or other tasks
will fail as there will be no more disk space left on the application
server for "temporary" files. In our environment, some of those XML
files get as big as 15Gb+ in size (multiple of them). Has anyone else
observed it and if so, were you able to address it fix it and if so, how
(if you can share)?

My specs:
JBoss 4.2.2 1.6.0_18 Linux
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition
Aveksa 4.2.5 33761

We are running in a 2 tier environment with Oracle database running in
our separate shared environment on HP-UX 11.31.

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