"For the Dashboard to function properly, it is important that the
Virtual Host and Mail Domain settings be updated, otherwise the
Dashboard users may encounter redirect issues when navigating to the
Dashboard or when the Dashboard is unable to send e-mail
notifications."/NOC Dashboard guide.

We want to implement 2 noc dashboards thats users will access through a
content switch/load-balancer using virtual host.
To make dashboard functionning properly, virtual Host settings will be
updated on both dashboards configurations with virtual host.
This should work as a charm for most of users.
But then, how to make it work properly for users that need to access a
given dashboard to update configuration (communities, pages,
portlets...) - and will use the hostname instead of the vitual host set
in dashboard settings. They will face redirect issues and need to always
re-enter login/pasword.

Has someone experience or tips to share on that subject?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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