I'd like to use a named password within es:ldapsearch to authenticate
to Active Directory, but I don't know how to refence the password.

If I insert the password as a string, everything works fine, but all my
attempts to use the named password ended up with "JavaException:
com.novell.ldap.LDAPException: Invalid Credentials"

I have a named password called 'pw_dirxml-user'. It's part of the GCV

<definition display-name="Passwort fuer den Account zur LDAP-Abfrage"
name="gcv_pwLdapQueries" type="password-ref">
<value xml:space="preserve">pw_dirxml-user</value>

I tried it with ~pw_dirxml-user~ and with ~gcv_pwLdapQueries~, but
everytime I'm unable to authenticate to AD.


<do-set-local-variable name="oldGroups" scope="policy">
<token-local-variable name="oldGroups"/>
expression="es:ldapSearch(&quot;~gcv_ldapAdServerF uerIdmQueries~&quot;,
389, false, null, null, &quot;~gcv_ldapAccountFuerIdmQueries~&quot;,
&quot;sub&quot;, $ldapQueryOldGroups, &quot;1.1&quot;, 0)"/>

"Hard-coding" the password as a string into the function call works,
but I'd like to use the named password.

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,

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