I am writing a script that will create a custom report with some of the
alarm information from NOC, and I have technical question about
scripting. I am able to make the connection to the database if my
script only has the code to connect to the DB, then it will connect,
here is my code,

function main()
// For the connection.
var url = "";
java.lang.Class.forName("oracle.jdbc.driver.Oracle Driver");

//username and password
var username = "";
var password = "";

// Make the connection.
var con = java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(url, username,

return con;


I created a simple GUI with two date inputs and a text pane to display
the data. I know that I have to use session.invokeScript() to get the
GUI to load.

My problem is when I connect to the database from one of the
button_click_listeners in the script, it does not connect, but when I
connect before the GUI is loaded by session.invokeScript(), I am able to
connect to the DB just fine.

Is there a reason why I can connect outside the GUI, but when I try to
connect from one of the button clicks, it will not connect?

Thank you!

PS If this is not the right place to post a question about scripting
please let me know where to go. Thanks!

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