I am working to get the SCOM adapter up and running and pulling in
information into NOC, but I am having a difficult time doing so. I have
searched the internet, and Novell's/NetIQ's documentation, and I am not
finding what I need to help fix the problem. I am not 100% sure where
the problem is, but I am wondering if there is a forum or a place I
could find where others have tried using the adapter to pull in data
from SCOM. We are using NOC 5.0, but the adapter download that we got
from download.novell.com/patch/finder was intended for use with NOC 4.7.
I looked but could not find an update for the SCOM adapter for 5.0.
Does the 4.7 adapter download work with NOC 5.0? I would appreciate any

Thank you,
Jeff Croskrey

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