Hello every one,

I have the following configuration

A replication ring with 6 servers in all

- 4 Servers are running RHEL 5.7 and eDirectory
- 2 (old) Servers running RHEL 5.2 and eDirectory 8.8 SP1

My task is to upgrade the 2 old servers to match the 4 boxes with eDir

I guess to upgrade first the OS to RHEL 5.7 ---> I am not sure what
errors I am going to face and if there are some requirements to consider
for migrating the OS carrying eDirectory, any one can made it clear ?

If the OS upgrade is successful, I will start upgrading eDirectory, and
I think just to run ./nds-install as in the documentation, can any one
give me if there are any details to consider in such a case


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