It is my understanding that when you run the project checker on an
individual object in Designer, that it will only check that object. The
User Application: Design Guide says:
> You can validate provisioning objects individually, by node (such as the
> directory abstraction layer, a provisioning team, or a separation of
> duty constraint), or at the User Application driver level. Each node
> (individual, container-level, or driver-level) has a right-click menu
> item called Validate.

Unfortunately, I've never found this to be the case... When I do this
against a single PRD, for example, I am getting back 28,672 results. Of
those results, -only 16 are related to the PRD I ran 'Validate' on-. Is
there something I can do to avoid having Designer run the checker
against the entire project when I only select an individual object?
Clearly Designer is able to figure out there is a problem on this object
very quickly, because when I try to deploy an individual PRD, if there
is an error, Designer tells me within seconds. It doesn't tell me what
the error is though, so I am forced to run the project checker.
Depending on the system, this can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an
hour+. Way too long when you want to make many changes to a PRD and
deploy each one to test them out.


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