We currently Single-Sign on to Blackboard by using a reverse proxy and
form-filling the login page (a typical configuration I think). However,
proxying Blackbaord this way has caused a number of issues in the past.
Our Blackboard guys would be interested in configuring Blackboard to
federate authentication to Access Manager, in much the same way that
Google can be configured (there is a Cool Solution for this), rather
than using the proxy approach. However we are not sure how to do it.
Blackboard seems to support Shibboleth, but we do not particularly want
to set Blackboard up to be a full-blown Shibboleth service provider. We
just want to configure Blackboard to direct (i.e. federate)
authentication to Access Manager using SAML. Blackboard currently runs
on Windows 2008 R2, 64-bit, and uses IIS7.5. Does anyone have any
experience of this?

The solution should require as little bespoke coding as possible
because Blackboard may not support any configuration.

For Google, we simply enabled the SSO option, specified a Sign-In Page
URL and Sign-Out page URL, exchanged the Meta data, uploaded a
certificate and that was it on the Google side. We then configured a
corresponding SAML assertion on Access Manager and that was it. We did
not need to set Google up to be a service provider for example.
Everything was configurable on one page.

Is there something similar we can do for Blackboard?

Any advice would be welcome.

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