Good morning,

I'm trying to manage my Clusters, and Storage objects. I'm issues with
the Mobile iManager version (Windows XP workstation) when I look at the
main page, and I see the following notice:

Some of the roles and tasks are not available.

To see the list of Roles and Tasks not displayed and troubleshooting
information go to the View/details page.

I see the following error when looking at the

Cluster Manager
BCC Manager
Cluster Event Log
Cluster Options

"NoClassDefFoundError - com/novell/nss/nssGadgetLib/NSSLibSession"

Same for when I look at

User Quotas
Software RAIDS
Scan Devices

"NoClassDefFoundError - com/novell/nss/nssGadgetLib/NSSLibSession"

I installed the plug-ins for the Cluster and Storage, are there any
others that are needed? Or is there something else that I should be
looking at to root out this issue?

Thank you,

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