Hi all,

we have recently tried to use this collector in configuration with
syslog connector (then the apachesetup script is used to take lines from
apache log files to syslog server).
However the SSL connection cannot be established (just "plain" TCP is

After looking into this script, there is hardcoded mode for "socat"
utility "TCP". So I little altered the script to determine if we are
going to use SSL (giving CA file) or not to determine the right socat
mode and it's working OK now.

The plugin is in this version:
Apache HTTP Server
Plugin Version: 2011.1r1
Build Date: Sep 2011
downloaded from:

I can't see where to upload files here - maybe I can send the altered
version, so the NetIQ/Novell can release update of this plugin? Or at
least other Sentinel users(admins) could benefit from this effort....


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