I'm using RBPM 3.7.0 (patch B ) and IDM 3.6.1

I manage to add a entitlement to my resource. Everything is ok when I
assign the resource to a user : he has the entitlement (Delimited text
But when I remove the resource from this user, the entitlement is still

I enabled traces on the role and resource driver et delimited text
driver, I didn't see references to my entitlement...

Is it a normal behaviour ?

Behind this, here's my goal :
With RBPM 3.7 I cannot assign the same role more than once to the same

So i want to uses parametrized Resources to add a bundle of

In my organisation, People can have more than once the same role but on
different scopes ( OU).

like this :

People 1 : Ressource Sales manager of OU=1
Ressource Sales manager of OU=2

A sales manager must have access to our CRM App as a SaleManager on the
specified scope.

So, in fact , the user must have two entitlements with 2 differents
parameters ( the scope , OU1 and OU2). The CRM driver is responsible of
setting the appropriate rights according to the entitlements.

I Hope it is clear


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