I am trying to impletent self registration link. I have created portlet
to which i have attched my PRD. in this PRD i am querying to external
corporate directory and fetching the user details and then i want to
create that user in IDVault.
I can fetch the user details form the LDAP also can valide if that user
is already present in IDVault using IDVualt.get function but when i
click on the submit button it is not proceeding further and even not
showing any error on the user app interface but following error is seen
in logs:
"com.novell.srvprv.apwa.APWAException: The ID of the request you are
submitting does not match the ID of the request you are viewing"

The same use case was running before applying patch to user app 3.7
it stopped working after applying patch. please let me know if I need
to make some extra setting?
i have setted authentication to false in portlet and also in
"UIcontrolRegistry" file for Protlatbridge and VSDMBrigde(not remembred
the exact name)

Please help me resolving this issue. thank you in advance

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