I installed UA as followed.

Started out on my Suse 10 box with creating a account without root

Logged in with that account. Made a IDM directory under my /opt/novell

Changed owner of that directory to my local account without root. (SU)
Closed my console to switch back from root.

Installed Sun java or something.

Installed Jboss and Mysql into my IDM directory.

Configured my Userapp driver with Designer 3.5. ( it only had a 3.5.1

Installed 3.6.1 Userapp with IDM.war file. (used JRE structure provided
in my IDM folder)

Started mysql, started jboss, started my driver...

No luck ;(

See log files below.

|Filename: boot.log |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4337 |

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