I haven't tried to actually build this yet, I'm just thinking through
what I'd have to do. I'm hoping to bring our current system change
approval process in to RBPM as a workflow.

What we do now is:

1. User (ie: me) gets change approval form. There are a few text boxes
to fill out defining the change, systems affected, assessment of
risk, backout plans, that kind of thing. Ok, that's easy enough to
do in a PRD with a few free-form text entry fields.

2. User then picks a primary date / time / duration, and a secondary
date / time / duration for the proposed change. Ok, again, easy
enough with the date and time picker things in a PRD form.

3. User then is presented with a list of possible approval areas, with
checkboxes for each one. This is something like:

[ ] Accounts Administration
[ ] ERP Systems
[ ] DBAs
[ ] Enterprise Applications Support
[ ] Computer Room / Operations
[ ] Computer Lab Operations
[ ] Workstation Support

The user is expected to know which areas would be affected by his
proposed change, and selects the correct checkboxes accordingly. I'm
pretty sure I can set up a list of checkboxes, but this is where
things start getting complicated.

4. The form is submitted for approval. The user is done at this point,
just waiting for forms processing and final approval.

5. The form is first routed to a manager for approval. This is a single
approver step, and should be easy enough. This manager, though, can
change (add or remove) additional approvers via the list of
checkboxes as above.

Potentially, I submit a form that has "workstation support" checked,
but the manager here adds in "computer lab operations", as she believes
that they also need to be notified.

6. The form is then routed to the selected approvers. The non-selected
ones are ignored. Each of these selected approvers is actually
multiple people, defined with a primary / secondary / tertiary
responsibility. Here's where I don't know enough yet to set up the
approvals in the workflow.

I need to define a parallel approval, that much is clear, but I need
to bypass the ones that weren't selected as of step #5. I don't want
to set the approval status on the bypassed approvers to anything that
looks like they approved it, because they didn't. But I don't want to
allow processing of the PRD to proceed past this point until all
selected appovers have approved.

I think I can handle the primary / secondary / tertiary approvers
for each of these with escalation. If the primary isn't here, or
is busy, then the secondary gets it. Or maybe just defining these
as parallel approval with one-of-any as the quorum would be

7. Once the selected approvers have all done their approval, then the
form is finally routed to the helpdesk for notification, public
posting to our web site and whatever. That's also an approval step,
but a simple one to define.

8. At this point, the process is complete.

The real question here is how to handle step 6. Can I build this with a
Condition before the approvers, then use True / False to route it only to
the selected ones? Or maybe to set the quorum on a parallel approval to
require all selected?

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