I am installing Novell IDM from scratch. One of the connected systems is
AD. And the plan is to provision accounts into AD using Entitlements. I
have created a resource (AD Resource) and linked it to the User Account
Entitlement of AD. On the completion of the Resource Assignment to a
user, the Entitlements are applied, and the AD Driver creates the
account in the AD.

As of today the AD has about 10000 users and about the same in IDV.
When we turn the driver on for the first time. The AD Driver syncs up
the accounts and adds associations for matching objects. All good so

How can we have the "AD Resource" show up on the User App in the
"Resource Assignments" section on the "Work Dashboard" for existing
users, who were never provisioned through the RBPM tool.

We can add the entitlement (RBE) on the user object using Entitlement
Services Driver, but how to assign that resources to a user so that it
shows up on the user app ?

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