Hello all,

I have a customer who is trying to set up UA 3.6.1 patch c with custom
themes and what-not to make the site acceptable to their management and
is having a number of difficulties, CSS, themes, etc.

The purpose of the UA 3.6.1 (non-provisioning) is to provide web-based
password self-service.

I would like to let him use UA 3.7 as it has better customization
features and theme management, however there is not a non-provisioning
version of UA 3.7.

My question relates to the use of UA 3.7 without the provisioning
license. If all of the workflow material is hidden/removed from the UI
and we don't expect the roles driver to run or start, will the base UA
3.7 work with the normal IDM engine license like 3.6.1 does?

In other words, can I force it to be a non-provisioning version?


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