In a form we have two date picker fields. Everything appeared to be
working great in our development environment. When I started moving the
PRD's to another environment, I noticed an interesting issue.

What's happening for both date pickers is that, say you pick a date,
4-24-2010. The time is not used, so really they can pick any time they
want but that value is thrown away at the end of the workflow and we
just grab the actual date part. Then I started noticing that all of our
dates were a day off, so for example, if you pick 4-24-2010, at the end
of the workflow, the date that supposedly the user entered in the form
was actually 4-23-2010. Upon further investigation, I noticed this is
because if you pick 4-24-2010 (and because we don't care about the time,
the default time in the datepicker is 12:00am) - SOMETHING is rolling it
back to 4-23-2010 at 11:00PM instead (meaning it's an hour off).
Therefore, we only grab the date part, and hence our days are off.

Turns out, a Windows patch was applied to the servers to correct the
server time, and the admins realized that eDirectory was never
restarted, so they rebooted the whole box to correct the time. The box
hosts eDirectory and User App. I thought that would have corrected the
issue, but even after a complete reboot, I'm still getting an hour off
in the date picker. Jboss server logs appear to have the correct time,
Windows has the correct time.

Also, I don't have this issue in another environment, so I'm definitely
sure it's an environment issue and I would like to correct the
environment, but if I have to code around it, I'm open to that as well.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for all help!!!

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