> To simplify installation and maintenance, customers now have the option
> to purchase Sentinel Log Manager as a Software Appliance. The software
> appliance provides three alternate installers (a pre-configured Xen
> image, a pre-configured VMWare ESX image or a self-installing DVD ISO
> image) with a pre-packaged installation of Sentinel Log Manager on an
> embedded SUSE Linux platform
> 'NPA 6633 - NPA 6633 - Novell Sentinel Log Manager 1.1'
> (http://www.novell.com/partners/npa/a...6/NPA6633.html)

I am interested to install SLM on a bare-metal via SLM Software
Appliance(self-installing DVD ISO image)
Problem here is that unlike the other Appliances(Xen and VMware based)
this self-installing DVD ISO image does not install on the Machines Hard
Disk, i.e every time a machine reboots we have to configure every thing
again(Appliance IP Address, setting password of root, admin, dbauser,
and have to add and configure all the collectors/connectors required).

Question: is this appliance is suppose to work like as I explained, or
am I missing some thing, i,e this appliance(self-installing DVD ISO
image) could be installed onto machine's hard disk like other
appliances(Xen and VMware)

Any help on this would be highly appreciated as I have to order the
product for our customer.

Muhammad Sharfuddin

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